Decoming Out-of the Cupboard or the ALL SEEING EYE !


Christian. In the mid-eighties, OXFORD. WE are also an ALL SEEING EYE !

I shall this very time make an effort and write an article directly in english which is a language I used to adore, but which has become so common that, in a way,  I scorn it now.. The outstanding picture above has been shot by my swiss friend Jürg H. with whom I used to work in Oxfordshire. This was His golden age and also Mine : the happiest period of my life-time ever. I owe Jürg a lot , Jürg is a great photographer and also a very sensitive guy who is living  with his wonderful family in the german speaking part of Switzerland. That picture has been taken in the flat where we both used to live, being young and not knowing anything of the hardness of life. The Rose of Life on Earth bears so many evil thorns with poison …
I was at the time playing the part of the SPHINX, and in a way, I did feel  like it, considering Life as very strange and weird and questioning it …, Our dear enemies do watch US, but WE also, right feedback, do stare at Them ! We are also an ALL SEEING EYE .
Best Regards from Christian, and Happy Summer, as I shall be aways from the Net for a short Time as  I go back to my studies.

PS : 31st July, Happy Birthday…My very beloved « G. C ». In the depth of the Darkness we both shared, through sexual fantasies and amazing Love, from my only part, emerged the Light. We will never see each other again, I suppose, on this very plan, but Spiritual Love  lasts  forever. I will always love you, and  this is a God’s Gift, in a way, that we split ! This was not a Passion as you mentioned in your  very last letter,  this was real Love my very Dear…and you perfectly know it  although you denied it. We will, after death, see each other  in the  Indescribable Light again, you, my Twin Soul .

                   « She is not NAUGHTY, she is VERY naughty » « …Sie ist nicht Böse, Sie ist SEHR böse… »


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2 réponses à “Decoming Out-of the Cupboard or the ALL SEEING EYE !

  1. Singulière sensibilité – où a t-elle garé sa soucoupe la demoiselle ?

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